Fake Followers is Plaguing Instagram, How You Can Trace Real Influencer?

Fake Followers is Plaguing Instagram, How You Can Trace Real Influencer?

Instagram is a leading social media platform, and many businesses are growing involving the platform. There are many marketers who tend to make money in legal or illegal ways. Also, I have noticed that thousands of Instagram followers are selling at only a few pennies in the market. So, there are many Instagram accounts packed with fake followers to grab brands' attention to collaboration. And many brands are duped by fake numbers and end up bonding into fruitless partnerships.

Easily Trace Influencers for Your Needs

Indeed, the fake follower is the headache for Instagram itself and an issue plaguing brands and audiences' experience. On the other hand, brands are looking for influential content creators to promote their products and create fruitful campaigns as well.

Often the brand owners wrongly select the Influencer who has a huge number of followers instead of considering their credibility. This false selection drives the brand into the vicious trap of partnership. Indeed, the fake followers are purchased by the account holder for the fake account, which is opened by the bots. Many users purchase fake followers from different sources to make themselves Influencer in a shorter span of time. 

A cyber-security firm shows in their research that the fraudulent activity in the social media industry is likely to cost around $1.5 billion per year.

Despite having some negative facts, it is assumed the influencer marketing industry will hit the $15 billion market share by 2022.

Usually, the Influencer comes with a huge number of visitors who greatly impact social media marketing. If they go with any brand, it gets a business boost. They are driven by social media content and influence the customers a lot to make a purchase decision. Indeed, it has a great benefit for any brand if it makes collaboration with the Influencer to promote the products. 

An authentic influencer has a huge number of followers and appeals to a specific community. By making collaboration with the Influencer, you have a chance to leverage access to their own followers for your brand or product. Influencer marketing is the best way to expose your content, brand, and campaign.

Then it is a great opportunity for you to build a level of authenticity and make it a trustworthy brand by collaborating with the Influencer. Influencers already have an acceptance to the audience, and they trust the Influencer enough. When an influencer endorses your product or brand, your brand will naturally achieve a level of trust amongst the audience.

Indeed, influencers are industry experts, and they know how to create content for any brand or themselves. So, you can fairly rely on the Influencer to generate high-quality content for your campaigns. There is no need to teach them how to create quality content from your end. In these processes, you can get a smooth execution of your campaign.  Only make sure you build up collaboration with authentic Influencers in order to leverage influencer marketing.

Fake Followers Plaguing Instagram

Fake followers plague social media platforms like Instagram; although they have taken several steps to halt spammer attempts, illegal activities are still succeeding. Today, there are many Instagram accounts found who buy fake followers from the spammer or increase fake followers using several tools.

Normally, brands are tending to collaborate with influencers who have a considerable number of followers. In this process, the brands end up falling prey to nothing worthy of the influencer collaboration. Because the influencers hold a huge number of followers, but they didn’t get enough engagement according to the perfect ratio of followers they have. There are many brands that are fighting against fake followers. For Instance, Unilever, a global brand, spends a portion of its global expenditure on influencer marketing to make a transparent environment in the industry.

How to Deal with Fake Followers

There are a number of digital marketers who can manipulate Instagram followers by taking some illegal tricks. So, it is tough to find out the account or Influencer who has fake followers and which ones don’t.

It is very important to consider during make collaboration with the influencers how actual followers they have instead of vanity metrics of followers’ sizes. Additionally, you can look at the engagement rate of how much they get against their number of followers. You should know an influencer thoroughly before making a partnership with them. After all, as a serious business owner, you are investing money, time, and efforts to make an influencer campaign.

What Metrics You Should Follow before Picking up Influencer

Firstly, you should not focus on the number of followers of Influencer rather looks at how quality content is generated by the Influencer. If they come with low-quality content, these are not going to be helpful for your business or brand.

Secondly, look at his engagement rate, where most marketers make a mistake merely looking at the number of followers. An Influencer with a high engagement rate is likely to be beneficial for your business as they will bring value through their content.

Thirdly, when you opt for an Influencer to promote your brand, you should analyze his or her social media presence at a deeper level. Moreover, you should keep your eyes on the relevant insights and data of the Influencer before building up a partnership with them.


In a word, the fake follower is a great problem for social media platforms. Indeed, there are many accounts packed with fake followers as they won stardom over a night. For beginners, it is tough to keep themselves from the touch of the spammer. But it is possible to avoid the manipulations of the fake marketer if you follow some tricks and be serious about your Instagram marketing.

Just look at the relevant metrics of engagement and interaction instead of looking into the vanity metric of follower sizes. You can use several tools available in the market to get the data and insights of the influencers. Go2top Panel is a market-leading social media management agency, you can choose it for Influencer marketing.