Frequently Asked Questions

Partial status means when we are unable to complete an order in full, we refund the credit partially to the users’ account. We fairly refund the remaining undelivered amount to the customer swiftly. For Instance: You bought a package with quantity 20000 and charges $20, say we complete 18000 and remaining 2000 we couldn’t complete, then we will add ‘Partial Status’ to this specific order and refund you the remaining 2000 ($2 in this example).

Drip feed is a service what you can order multiple times automatically. For Instance: Say you need 1000 likes in total for your Instagram post, but you want these in separate portion like you want to get 200 likes each 30 minutes. Just submit your link: Your Post Link. Quantity: 200 Runs: 5 (as you want to run this order 5 times, if you want to get 1000 likes, you have to run it 10 times, etc..) Interval: Put 30 if you want each 200 likes on your Instagram post each 30 minutes, on the hand, if you want each hour, just put 60 because the time is count here in minute. P.S: Never order the excessive amount than the quantity is displayed in service name (Quantity x Runs). Example, if you found the service’s maximum quantity is 4000, you are not allowed to put quantity 500 and run: 10, if you do this the number will be 500x10 = 5000 which is bigger than the service’s maximum frame (4000). And never put interval time below the actual start time because our some services need 60 minutes to launch. So, don’t put the interval less than the service start time, if you do so, it will fail your order.

It is very easy to use mass order here! Just put service ID, link and quantity respectively on each line. To find out the service ID visit For example, you want to make mass order for your three different Instagram account like abcd, asdf, qwer At first, curate the service ID from the service list, the service ID for this service “Instagram Followers [15K] [REAL] ⚡️💧⭐” is 102 And, now you want 1000 likes for each account, the format will be like this :
or in this example:

You can get a panel like Go2top Panel using our child panel service. And, you can sell our service if you have an existing panel connecting us via API.

We offer the option of cancel or refill, for cancel or refill order for you. But the feature does not work instantly, sometimes it takes time to stop an order, and sometimes it might not be possible to refill.

No, we don’t offer any discount, the price of our services is fixed!

Yes, we accept PayPal just follow the instruction of Add Fund Page (under PayPal section).

Drip Feed works with neither ‘Mass Order’ nor API.

Yes, it is our pleasure we accept Paytm.

You will find the timestamp just next to your username above your comment (for instance: 2 days ago’) and keep your mouse on the timestamp and then right-click and ‘Copy Link Address.’ Finally, you will get the link like this To be confirmed you can check the link putting it in your browser’s address bar and you will see the comment in the first position below the video and it indicates ‘Highlighted Comment.’

We have some specific services with the tag line ‘monetized’ in the service name.

Instagram mention is when someone mentions you putting ‘at sign @’ before your name, you will receive a notification to check the post. For example, by putting the term ‘@go2toppanel’ in the comment section of any post, you can mention us.

Instagram impression means the number of reach of any post; also, it indicates how many users have seen your post. Indeed, the impression largely used for a brand, and they may ask you about impression statistics.

Just 5 second before he goes; or after he goes live.

We have designed a special service for 30, 60, 180, days for the VIP customers. And, we are ready to answer your tickets 24/7 hours on Go2Top Panel, Skype, or via mobile phone. You have to order a big to get VIP support that is not less than 1000.

Instagram comes with a ‘save’ option in the right corner, below the photo where a user can save photo to the history of his account. Simply press the save button to save it and a plenty number of saves of a post increase its impression.