Making an Attractive Brand Logo in 5 Easy Steps

Making an Attractive Brand Logo in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for an easy method or steps that can help you in creating an attractive logo for your brand? Here are the five easy steps that will be useful for you.

Let’s discuss them.

Here are the five easy steps that can help you to create an amazing and attractive logo. So, to create the first step is

Few Steps to making an Attractive Brand Logo

1. Choose a Color Theme for Your Logo

Before designing a logo, it's important to choose a good color theme. Colors are a powerful tool to engage people's emotions and pique their interest. Your color palette is a vital part of your brand's identity, and choosing the right logo colors entails much more than selecting your favorite colors.

Colors have different meanings that convey an array of emotions and concepts and have the ability to influence our behavior and decision-making.

For example, the most usable social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Twitter have simple and attractive color themes.

       Facebook uses White (#FFFFFF) and ShadedBlue (#4267B2) colors in its logo.

       Twitter uses White (#FFFFFF) and Blue (#1DA1F2) colors in its logo.

       WhatsApp uses LightGreen (#25D366) and White (#FFFFFF) colors in its logo.

       Instagram uses different colors like Light Yellow (#feda75), Orange (#fa7e1e), Pink (#d62976), Purple (#962fbf), Blue (#4f5bd5), and White (#FFFFFF) in its logo.

Just like these apps, you can choose a good color theme for your brand logo. There are many attractive color combinations available, and you can choose any one of them according to your brand theme and identity.

This was the first step in creating an attractive logo for your brand. Now, let's move toward the next step.

2. Lay the Basic Groundwork of Your Logo

Laying the basic groundwork for the logo is also an important step that can help you in creating an attractive logo. You can add some essential things like symbols or shapes such as lines, circles, or other shape effects.

Adding these elements makes the logo more attractive and unique. Let’s demonstrate this well with an example.

This is how you can lay the basic groundwork of your logo and then convert it into a professional one to give your brand a unique identity.

  Add Your Logo Text and Style it

This is also a useful step that can help you to create an attractive and different logo that stands out among your competition.

Using some text effects while creating a logo makes it catchy and more attractive. Effects like shadow, neon, reverse the text, reflection, or glow.

Every designer knows about all these effects, but they mostly don't use them or just add shadow, reflection, or glow effects.

There’s a lot more that you can do to make the text look attractive. For one, you can add the reverse text effect, which makes the logo more striking and attractive. Along with this, adding a reverse text effect in the reflection/shadow can also make your logo different from your competitors, which makes a good impression on viewers' or customers' minds.

Effects other than reverse text can be found in the designing tool, but the reverse text effect is not available in those tools.

You can add reverse text effects to your logo by making it with online tools. After generating the reverse text, you can also flip it. This can also be done with online tools. Some tools that you can use for this process include:

Tools for Reverse Text

Tools for Mirroring Text

Reverse Text Generator by Textreverse

Upside Down Text Generator by Editpad

Reverse Text Generator by Prepostseo

Upside Down Text Generator by Alleasyseo

4. Import Your Monogram with the Required Effects

In a lot of logos, the name of the company is complemented by a monogram or a symbol. A common example of this is the logo of the store chain “Target”:

If your logo is in this category, then this is the step where you have to add the monogram/symbol and add the required effects to it.

These effects can include things like adding shadows, shading, or any other similar touches.

5. Touch Up the Imperfections

The last step in logo designing is to check and correct imperfections. A fault in something that makes it defective is known as imperfection.

It is important to notice faults and mistakes after you complete your logo. Even minor faults can affect the quality and uniqueness of a logo. The logo of the well-known search engine "Google" is the perfect example of checking and correcting imperfections.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed five important steps that can help create an attractive brand logo. Firstly, you need to choose an attractive color theme for your logo.

Once you choose the color theme, simply lay the basic groundwork of your logo and make it more attractive. Then try to add some text effects to your logo to make it more striking.

Always make sure to choose a good color combination for your logo and don’t forget to check and remove the imperfections in it.