Best Time to Post on the Top Social Media Platforms

Best Time to Post on the Top Social Media Platforms

Is it possible to think about the modern-day without social media? I think it is nearly impossible as people are more engaged with the different social media platforms. Irrespective of age, group, gender, people are using these platforms extensively. Indeed, they are using social media for different purposes like seeking entertainment, knowledge, information, and connection with friends and other communities.

Social Media Post Management

It has a great marketing appeal despite having a personal using intention by the users and has been emerged as the cost-effective marketing medium. And, marketers are shifting to the social media platform from the previous marketing method.  But a marketer should come with maximum efficiency on the social media platform to get maximum benefits.

It is not easy, and there is no shortcut way to get instant customers from social media marketing. Converting followers into customers, increase outreach levels, and engaging the audience through the social media platform is not an overnight task. There is needed enough time and effort for the fruits against your effort to show in numbers. But nothing to be worried about; you will be acquainted with all the metrics soon. And, if you are capable of finding out the various factors and metrics that impact the growth of the marketing, you are halfway there indeed.

Now, we are here to discuss the most important factor in social media marketing. What is the most important factor? It is time to post on a specific social media platform. Indeed, it is the most important factor to consider in the sense of social media marketing. People are using social media to make a profit in the business, but they don’t the appropriate time the post on these platforms. Today, business is nearly impossible without the touch of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube, etc.

Why do you need to sort out the best time of posting?

As a marketer, you have to understand the best time for social media posting. Actually, you are aiming to increase followers, likes, and engagement on social media platforms. Moreover, a marketer’s intention is to reaching out to the target audience and building a brand identity for the bulk number of people. For accomplishing these tasks, you fairly need to know the time when most of the users are active. 

All the moments of the day are not perfect for posting content on the social media platform. Every platform has a distinct engaging time; your responsibility is here to dig out the time. And, you should go with the content at the peak time of the specific social media platform as it is scanned and sieved by the social media algorithm for the highest visibility.  Indeed, getting an organic result is more competitive in the sense of social media presence.

So, you will be the winner in the social media marketing arena if you capable of sorting out certain times and days of the week when people are most active.  In fact, different social media platforms come with respective peak hours depending on the type of it is. In normal eyes, it is tough to get insight data of peak time. Here, we suggest you go with the analytics tools to get exact data about the peak hours of social media platforms.

In addition, you find the peak hours of different social media platforms observing the lifestyle of your target audience, which can give you maximum exposure.

If you are an owner of a skincare and cosmetics brand, you should cater mostly to women. And it will be a good practice to share content on social media platforms when they are most active. When women are most active on social media? It is very simple to trace; women remain active on social media during the late morning when they are commuting to the office or have been engaged with their household tasks. And, they are trendy enough to search on social media platforms whenever seeking something. So, try to dig out the consumer behavior on the social media platform and do a post at the ideal time to get the highest result.

What is the best time to publish content on social media?

Best time to post on Facebook

Nearly, it is regardless to say that Facebook is a great platform for setting up business pages and spread content to the target audience. Nowadays, Facebook's recent updates and its algorithm make a difficult organic reach out. Still, it is a great social media platform for reaching potential customers at a minimum cost or free of cost.

After doing several kinds of research, we have come to know the best time of Facebook posting which is around 12 pm to 2 pm at noon. Indeed, another research on the consumers’ lifestyle indicates lunchtime is the peak hour when most of the users are active on Facebook.

What is the weekday trend of Facebook traffic? Users are mostly active on Facebook on Thursdays and Wednesdays, irrespective of gender, age, and status of employment.

Unlike the common conception of people, Facebook doesn’t get enough traffic on weekends. Normally, people are out on weekends and don’t use Facebook as much as they do on the weekdays. It is the best time to post on Facebook on Saturday or Sunday in the late evening or early morning.  So, post your content on Facebook just before 9 am or after 8 am on weekends.

These are the basic data about the time of posting on Facebook; you can get more exact data targeting your audience and their geo-location.

Best time to post on Instagram

Instagram is a rising social media platform packed with stunning features like video sharing, photo sharing, live streams, and stories, etc. It has around 1 billion monthly users and a huge prospect of business.

Late night, afternoon, and early morning are the best time of posting on Instagram. Around 6-6.30 am in the morning is the recommended time frame to post on Instagram to get an optimum result. Usually, people are wake up from sleep at that time and intend to check the Instagram feeds as it is a platform mostly about visual content.

You can try to post content on Instagram late at night because there are many users who are active at this time. Also, you can post around 2 pm-4 pm, which can help you to bring more audiences instantly. It is lunchtime, and people take a break and tend to go through the Instagram feed.

What is the best time on the weekends for Instagram? People go out on weekends, and they are not active on any social media platform day long but before go out and after coming home, they check out the social media feed. So, weekend mornings and late evenings are the best times to post on Instagram. Indeed, it will not be wise to post content on weekends on Instagram.

Some brands may have distinct best time frames depend on their audience’s engagement and activity. Moreover, it depends on the brand and its target audience, and geo-location.

Best time to post on YouTube

YouTube is a leading video-sharing platform and the second largest search engine in the world, just behind Google. It has plenty of visitors at present, and it would be a profitable channel in the sense of social media marketing.

Around 2 pm to 4 pm is the best time to post on YouTube in the afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday. On the weekends, people are most active on YouTube from 1 pm-3 pm, and the employee workload usually tends to go down on Friday and Thursday. So, you should upload your video content targeting these hours.

It is highly recommended to upload video content between 9 am and 11 am on the weekends to get the highest result. Research shows, most of the YouTube users are young adults or school-age children, and the platform engagement tends to peak on Saturdays.

In addition, you can frame an uploading schedule depending on your target audience and their demographics and share content at the best time when they are mostly active on YouTube.

Best time to post on Twitter

Twitter is a popular microblogging website with around 330 million monthly active user origins in the United States.  It is considered as the platform of all ages as young and adults are equally active here.

The best time of posting on Twitter is around 12 pm to 3 pm on Fridays. It is a good practice to post on Twitter during the evening break of workers. So, the time is around 3 pm or from 5 pm to 6 pm on weekdays. Indeed, Twitter is a microblogging platform especially for celebrities and high-profile people, so tweet carefully targets them.

Unlike other social media platforms, it works better on weekdays. It shows greater engagement on weekdays instead of weekends. Sunday mornings refer to the least engagement period, so it is advised there to tweet after around 11 am.

How to scrape the best time to post

Indeed, it is not an easy task to trace out the best time of posting on different social media platforms. You should be handy enough to find out the best posting time. At first, you should have a clear understanding of your target audience and their behaviors. Look at their activeness on social media, where you tend to post your content. On the other hand, you take an idea of posting some content at different times and which time frame drives you a better result to pick it for the next post. And, post your content when the audiences are online and most likely to engage.

Nothing to be worried about; there are several analytical tools available in the market. Simply you should opt for the best one to get exact data about the time of posting on the social media platform. Indeed, these tools are very trustworthy to give you exact data.


It will not be wise to post content on social media randomly without an appropriate strategy. If you post content in the absence of your target audience on social media, you will not get any result indeed. So, you should have a clear understanding of the activeness of users on the social media platform. And, you have to come with the content when your audiences are most active on the social media platform. Finally, keep your eyes on the ideal time to post content on different social media.